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Rivet product safety certification can not be less

Rivet certification is a kind of mandatory management means a country to its domestic production or imported from abroad some products in the security, environmental protection and other aspects. Only through the certification of products, in a safe, EMC, environmental protection and other aspects to be considered relevant requirements in line with the mandatory. Through certification, can guide the consumer to buy safe, reliable products.; the parts production enterprises can better production plant for the related products; enterprises can improve product quality and twisted, enhance their market competitiveness, and improve enterprise products in the market share. In the global scope, certification system is the effective means to eliminate technical barriers to trade.
(1) "GS" certification
"GS" is the meaning of the German "Geprufte Sicherheit" (a security authentication). Also has the "Germany Ssfety" (the German security). "GS" certification to the German Product Safety Act (SGS) as the basis, is a voluntary certification by the standard EN or the German industrial standard DIN detection, safety certification mark is the European market recognized. With the "GS" logo represents the use safety of the product has been approved by the independent institutions with the credibility of the test. "Mandatory GS" logo is not legal, but it can in product failure caused by accidents, so that manufacturers strictly Germany (Europe) product safety law restriction, so the "GS" logo is a powerful marketing tool, can enhance customer confidence and desire to buy, although certification product sales price is higher, but the more popular. Although the "GS" is the German standard, but the vast majority of countries in Europe, and to meet the "GS" certification at the same time, the product will be To meet the requirements of the "CE" logo.
(2) "UL" certification
The "UL" logo is a safety certification mark recognized Britain and North america. With this logo products, is to receive the safety quality credit card. Therefore, the "UL" mark has become related products (especially the mechanical and electrical products) a special permit to enter the America and the North American market. The "UL" logo is divided into 3 categories, respectively is the name, classification and recognition mark. The main part of the logo is the "UL" pattern, they are registered trademarks, which are used in different service products, is not universal. For example, "UL" in the product listing mark is that the manufacturer's entire product samples has been changed from "UL" mechanism has been tested, and comply with the applicable requirements of "UL".