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The rivet has a long development history

The rivet has a long development history, the earliest rivet is a wooden or bone small stud, the earliest ancestors of metal deformation may be we know today rivet. No doubt, they are the oldest method of connecting human known metal, can be traced back to the initial use of malleable metal so far, for example: the Bronze Age Egyptians used rivet the grooved wheel outside the six wooden fan shape riveting fastening together, the Greeks succeeded in bronze casting large statue, and rivets are riveted together the various components.
Hollow rivets were invented for the manufacture or repair harness equipment, hollow rivet what time present, people are not very clear, but the harness is in ninth Century or tenth Century were invented. Riveting harness and hang nail horseshoe, freeing slaves from the heavy work., rivet also raises many important inventions, such as copper and iron workers with iron tongs and animal wool scissors etc..
In 1916, when the British aircraft manufacturing company H V White made the first time patent can blind rivets riveting, almost did not expect the rivet today will be applied so widely. From aerospace to office machines, electronic products and sports equipment, can say, this kind of blind rivet has become effective and stable mechanical connection method.