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Method for rivet to obtain high temperature

Rivet the operating temperature is higher, usually chemical reaction needs to be carried out under a certain temperature conditions, so the rivet is under pressure and bearing temperature. To obtain high temperature methods usually have the following:
1, warm water is not high the temperature requirements, the heating system has open and closed two. Open type is simple, consisting of a regulator circulating pump, water tank, pipeline and control valve composed, when using high pressure water equipment, high mechanical strength, rivet welding on outer surface of tube, tube and pot wall space, so that the increase in thermal resistance, heat transfer effect is reduced.
2 electric heating resistance wire is wound on the insulating layer rivet cylinder, or installed in the ad hoc insulator from some distance on the rivet,
3 steam heating temperature below 100 , a pressure below the steam to heat; within the range of 100~180 DEG C, with saturated steam; when the higher temperature, the high pressure superheated steam.
4, by other medium heating if the process must operate or to avoid the use of heating system of high pressure at high temperature, can be used in other medium instead of water and steam, such as mineral oil (275 ~ 300 ), diphenyl ether mixture (boiling point is 258 ), molten salt (140 ~ 540 ), liquid lead (melting point 327 ) etc..