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Use of hollow rivets and rivets.

Hollow rivet by hollow rivet body and a rivet mandrel, a hollow rivet body by a shaft part and the shaft end of the flange will form one end of the mandrel; the head is inserted into the rivet body shaft end flange on the opposite side of the rivet body position, so that the spindle shaft from the fracture part diameter began to fracture for strong extension, the rivet body axis occurred expanding deformation, shaft portion and a flange on the panel is installed components are installed by the deformation. Hollow rivet nail head weight, weak, non metallic materials used for riveting occasions with the load.
Solid rivets for aluminum, copper, general iron materials, surface treatment for the white zinc plated. A rigid using rivets on the connections, is not removable. Small rivets can be cold, large rivets is in hot riveting red state. Solid rivets can be widely used in cutting tools, stationery, books, locks, car, baby stroller, helmet metal luggage car clutch disc, motorcycle accessories and household electric appliances.